1414 Degrees IPO – Improving the renewable energy sector

May 25, 2018 | Upcoming IPO's

1414 Degrees are looking to raise up to $50,000,000 at 35 cents per share. Their technology is clean, sustainable, scalable, low cost and has a 20 to 30-year life. For more information on the 1414 Degrees IPO or to receive a copy of the prospectus please register your interest further below.

Renewable energy is a term that we have all become very familiar with over the past years. From seeing large wind turbines in Texas, to Tesla’s push for cost-effective solar roofs for homes and Lithium-ion batteries, efforts are being made around the world to push for infrastructures that will enable countries to rely on renewable energy.

Iceland, for example, is vying for 100 percent of its electricity from renewable sources. Similarly, Germany is investing heavily towards a future dependent on renewable energy.

What Exactly is Renewable Energy?

Simply put, it is energy that is collected from sources that naturally replenish, such as sunlight, wind, water, and biomass. Hydroelectricity is the most widely used form of renewable energy. It relies on electricity created from water.

Wind is used to spin huge turbines, which are connected through a motor that powers electric boxes as they move. Solar electricity is generated when sunlight is captured by special panels and energy is converted and stored in electric boxes.

They are the second most widely-used forms, but are considered variable. On days where sunlight is inadequate and winds are not blowing, energy storage will take a hit. Bigger batteries that hold solar and wind power in excess can certainly be implemented, but it can have an adverse effect on cost. This is where the 1414 Degrees IPO comes in.

What 1414 Degrees Aims to Achieve

1414 Degrees hopes to provide affordable and accessible energy to build a sustainable energy future. Australia is lagging behind in terms of utilizing renewable sources for energy, but 1414 Degrees is helping paint the way forward for the renewable industry in Australia. Located and headquartered in South Australia, the government backed 1414 Degrees IPO aims to invite investors on-board for a solution which targets both consumers and industries.

The Thermal Energy Storage System (TESS) developed by 1414 Degrees is efficient, clean, and sustainable. What sets it apart from other energy storage systems in the world is that it can supply both heat and electricity from energy generated by electricity or gas. As discussed earlier, hydroelectricity is the most widely used and more reliable form of renewable energy, but it requires high capital investment and is not considered entirely environmental friendly.

The low cost technology developed by 1414 Degrees provides flexibility of location, scalability, and sustainability. Unlike batteries which have high cost and limited cycles that make them unsuited for large-scale installations, 1414 Degrees’ technology requires low maintenance while also providing energy on a megawatt scale.

What Makes the 1414 Degrees IPO Different

Typical energy storage units can output electricity, but 1414 Degrees’ silicon-based technology enables output of heat as well as electric power. The thermal energy storage system solutions exploit the very high energy density in molten silicon to maximize efficiency.

The key technology benefits of 1414 Degrees are:

  • Clean energy
  • Sustainability through silicon
  • Scalable to deliver 6 MWh to 1GWh+
  • Delivers electricity
  • Delivers heat
  • Low cost
  • Grid stability
  • 20-30 year life span
  • Frequency control
  • Behind, between, and after the meter

The way it works is that electricity from renewable sources or the grid is captured and stored as latent heat at a constant temperature. This constant temperature is 1414 degrees Celsius, which is evidently also where the company’s name originates from.

1414 Degrees wants to penetrate the market with their competitive technology as a reliable and affordable alternative to any technology in the market. It hopes that the technology’s inherent design of flexible installation locations and the ability to store excess capacity will be prominent for electricity networks that require many gigawatt hours (GWh) of storage to match generation with demand.

The four modular TESS designs based on the core silicon phase change technology offered by 1414 Degrees are:

  • TESS-GRID is aimed towards electricity markets with substantial renewable generation that demand energy security. The architecture allows for storing bulk energy at very high current flows and supply electricity and heat for long periods, adding the reliability factor that 1414 Degree’s technology provides.
  • TESS-IND is aimed towards industries and residential developments that demand reliable electricity and heat energy sourced from renewables.
  • TESS-STEAM is aimed towards industries that have a very demand for heat as compared to electricity. It is designed to be a replacement for gas or other energy sources with renewable energy.
  • GAS-TESS is aimed towards waste management utilities and entities that require efficient waste gas disposal as well as flexible energy supply. The design allows storing of electricity and heat energy sourced from burning of waste gas.

While 1414 Degrees’ technology is rivaled only by pumped hydro technology in terms of cost-effective storage at large scale, the former is able to provide flexibility of location, low capital cost, and low environmental impact as well.

As outlined in the 1414 Degrees’ prospectus, the company, with the aid of Energy and Carbon Solutions Pty Ltd, is positioning itself to assist in the distribution of the technology into the Australian market. Currently, the technology has been deployed at SA Water’s Glenelg Wastewater Treatment Plant as an attempt to prove itself as a replacement for existing water utility plants to reduce costs and improve process efficiency.

The company is also looking forward to achieving certification for sales in the Australasian and global processing, and manufacturing and wastewater industries by successfully commissioning the devices at Pepe’s Ducks site, the Austcor Packaging site and the SA Water site.

Request a copy of the 1414 Degrees Prospectus

For more information on the 1414 Degrees IPO or to receive a copy 1414 Degrees Prospectus please register your interest below.

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